Expert Check Engine Light Diagnosis and Repair at Service Street Auto Repair

At Service Street Auto Repair, we understand the stress that comes when a dashboard light is on, especially when it is the check engine light. Each light is typically related to a specific function of your engine or vehicle, but the check engine light covers many systems, and can cause worry. When you bring your car to a Service Street auto repair shop, our ASE certified mechanics and technicians will provide precise dashboard light and computer code diagnostics. All findings and recommendations will be communicated clearly and discussed with you prior to any service or repairs.

Types of Dashboard Lights, Their Meanings and Recommended Actions:

Check Engine Light:

Meaning: This light indicates a potential issue with the engine or its related systems. When your light comes on a code is issued in your vehicle’s computer system. That code will advise our mechanic what system is affected and what the cause may be.

Action: If the check engine light is steady, it's a warning to schedule a diagnostic check soon. If it is flashing, immediate attention is required, and you should bring your car, truck, or SUV to the shop ASAP.

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Light:

Meaning: Indicates a problem with the anti-lock braking system. When your ABS system is not functioning correctly, you may experience difficulties with braking and noise.

Action: Bring your vehicle to Service Street Auto Repair to ensure your anti-lock braking system is functioning correctly.

Battery Light:

Meaning: Alerts to potential battery or charging system issues.

Action: Address the issue promptly to avoid problems with starting your vehicle, keep your battery functioning properly, or to see if your alternator is not charging the battery.

Oil Pressure Light:

Meaning: Warns of low oil pressure. This can mean you need oil, there is a problem with your oil pump, your oil is dirty and needs to be replaced, or the sensor that detects oil pressure is faulty.

Action: Bring your vehicle in for diagnosis, an oil change, or maintenance and repairs.

Coolant Temperature Light:

Meaning: Indicates an overheating engine. This can be due to low coolant levels or issues with your thermometer or radiator.

Action: Stop the vehicle and allow it to cool. Driving an overheating vehicle can damage your engine and require extensive repairs. Bring your vehicle into Service Street Auto Repair to diagnose and fix the cooling system. If it is not safe to drive, we provide towing services.

Transmission Temperature Warning:

Meaning: Indicates the transmission fluid is too hot. Driving a vehicle with an overheating transmission can cause transmission failure.

Action: Pull over and let the vehicle cool. Make an appointment for an inspection or stop by if the warning light continues.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light:

Meaning: Warns of low tire pressure in one or more tires. It could simply mean you need air in your tires, or there could be something more serious like a puncture or bad tire.

Action: Check and inflate tires to the recommended pressure; bring your vehicle in if the light remains on, the tire won’t stay inflated all the way, or becomes completely flat. If you do not have a spare tire, call us for a tow.

Power Steering Warning Light:

Meaning: Indicates a problem with the power steering system. You may have a tough time steering or turning the steering wheel.

Action: Bring your vehicle to Service Street Auto Repair for diagnostics, steering fluid flush/exchange, or necessary repairs.

Airbag System Light:

Meaning: Alerts to a potential issue with the airbag system. Reasons can range from battery power, sensors, and clock spring to a damaged airbag module.

Action: Schedule an inspection to ensure airbag functionality in case of an accident.

Check Engine Light and other Dashboard Light Signals: When to Bring in Your Vehicle:

Flashing Check Engine Light: Immediate attention is crucial. Continuing to drive may cause severe damage.

Steady Check Engine Light: Schedule a diagnostic check at your earliest convenience.

Any Other Warning Lights: Steady lights indicate a need for diagnostics. A flashing light means you should bring in your vehicle for a thorough inspection to identify and resolve the issue right away.

Why Choose Service Street Auto Repair for Check Engine Light Issues:

Certified Mechanics and Auto Technicians: Our team consists of certified technicians with expertise in diagnosing and repairing check engine light issues.

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics: We use advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact cause of your dashboard warning lights.

Transparent Communication: Receive clear explanations of the issues and recommended repairs before any work begins.

Quality Repairs: We use top-quality parts to ensure lasting solutions for your vehicle's check engine light concerns.

When check engine lights are on, Service Street Auto Repair is your trusted partner for accurate diagnosis and reliable repairs. Don't let dashboard lights cause anxiety—schedule your check engine light inspection/diagnostics service with us today. We are here to get your vehicle back on the road with confidence.

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